About Neo @ MARK

Hello! I am the founder and maintainer of this kennel.
You can call me Neo as everyone else I know does, so why not, right? :) I am a 30-year-old American who lives in southern England with her British husband and their many pets (and cars! Our cars are our family, too, ya know). I have cherished the Petz game ever since I knew of its existence; I became a beta tester for the original Dogz program (and original creator, PF.Magic) way back in 1994 - So I guess you could call me an "old timer" of sorts, even though I have been a lurker throughout the years and not terribly active on forums.

Ever since Petz could be bred, I have been breeding at an almost constant. I mostly breed for myself so some of my methods are a little unorthodox (or so people like to tell me - Please no haters). My main goal is aiming for very colorful Dogz and Catz of different types. I use many different filez, so if you hate multiple filez don't go running just yet - I try to avoid OW (over-writing) filez. However, I do breed dogz and catz that do not require extra breed filez, and once in a blue moon I will use overwrites (but not normally)

I breed mostly in Petz 5 as I think its the best out of all the programs. Please don't email me to tell me how much you hate P5 and how P4 is better. It might be better FOR YOU, but its a pain in the backside for me. However, I do have some P4 breed lines, so don't get your panties in a bunch - I have tried to cover all bases  :)

By the way, Neo likes things simple...so this site reflects this fact. Sorry for the lack of shiny shinies shinyness :(